Subaru BRZ STi

Subaru has just released teasers for the upcoming Subaru BRZ with the STi performance treatment. There was a concept of the BRZ at the Los Angelos Auto Show two years ago, but who knows what they've changed? Those who are living in the west coast of the US, you can get a chance to see it this November at the same venue.

Subaru has yet to leak information about the production model, but from what the pictures show, we can assume that the BRZ STi will be much sharper and sleeker all around with better handling control. Mix that in with a new bodykit, STi brakes/wheels, and large wings, you got yourself a STi. It also appears that the upcoming model will have 232HP (171 kW), but won't be turbo-charged because there isn't enough room in the engine bay for an intercooler.


Source: worldcarfans