2014 Volvo S60R Polestar - speculative render

Last week car websites got floded with exclusive spy shots of spicy Volvo, as well here on ps-g, predicted to be powerfull version of the current S60R with T6 and 304 hp, made by Polestar. The new version should have V8 with 400 hp and all-wheel drive system, but in this time of turbocharged engines, 3.0-litre inline R6 engine with turbo isn't excluded.

Our render here features blue color, similar to Polestar racing models. It has new bumper design with more agressive styling and bigger air intakes for the intercoolers. To fit the bigger wheels, it received wider wheel arches and rear fender flare in Polestar style. Car has been lowered, it got new side skirt and it has new small lip spoiler in the back.

Great model to look forward to, but to see the actual one on the road, the Volvo fans will have to wait a bit more.

Nik Pakiž, DragonForce