2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series

AMG confirmed they put the SLS Black Series on the go, a few days ago,  "We absolutely have to do a Black Series" as Tobias Moers - Director of Vehicle Development at Mercedes-AMG GmbH, said.
It will be a limited edition series, expecting at least a 50% price increase, over the actual coupe model.
A lot of car enthusiasts rumor that the Black Series is in fact the GT3 road legal version of the SLS, so my design was inspired by the track model. Also took inspiration from the already existing Black Series models (SL 65 and the recent C 63 Coupe). 
My design features a dropped stance, for a lower center of gravity, front fender flare, rear fender has also been widened. Lower side skirts with air intake, to cool down the massive ceramic brakes.
Moving along the front, the front fender panel, now, features a larger air intake, that helps, if the massive 6.3 engine temps go up. Front bumper has been redesigned, with more aggressive air intakes, removed the lower lip intakes and added a GT3-like lip, with bigger middle vent. Also added a splitter that takes care of the downforce, keeping the car as flat on the road as possible, in high speeds. Hood also suffered minor modifications, added inlets to help the hot air get out as fast as possible.
Other design elements are specific to Black Series, black wing mirrors and AMG branded head rests.
Performance wise, the car is expected to have a revised 6.3-liter (6,208cc) V8 engine with approximately 600 hp (447 kW / 608 PS) and 677 Nm (499 lb-ft) of torque.