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2013 Renault Clio Sport Tourer Speculative Render

Few days ago, Renault released video showcasing the new Clio hatch - somehow, first unofficial image of Clio Sport Tourer was also included.

We took that opportunity and tried to speculate how it would look with the wheels on, cleaned and with a proper stance. 

As seen from the spy shot, estate version of the Clio features the same hidden door handles on rear doors, giving it sleeker look. Extended roof line allows for an extra window panel as well as larger and more robust tail lights. 

2014 Volvo S60R Polestar - speculative render

Last week car websites got floded with exclusive spy shots of spicy Volvo, as well here on ps-g, predicted to be powerfull version of the current S60R with T6 and 304 hp, made by Polestar. The new version should have V8 with 400 hp and all-wheel drive system, but in this time of turbocharged engines, 3.0-litre inline R6 engine with turbo isn't excluded.

2013 Range Rover Speculative Render

Thanks to the autoevolution.com we got access to the latest photos of new Range Rover with least amount of camo so far. That gave me a great opportunity to show you guys how it will probably look like when it hits the market next year.

2013 BMW 3-series Coupe

Few days ago BMW released official photos of the new 3-series sedan. And since coupe version is always more exclusive and expected, I decided to make the best of it.

The new coupe version has all the characteristics a coupe should have. New door lines with bigger and frameless windows. Wider chasis as usual and sleeker hood shape.

Below you can see version in elegant bordo color for more refined customers.

Nik Pakiž, DragonForce

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