Ferrari 488 GTB by VOS Germany

Ferrari 488 GTB by VOS Germany
Since the 488 GTB got released with a turbocharged engine, tuner across the world started rubbing hands, because everybody knows the tuning results are more impressive than their N/A counterparts. VOS took matter in hands and it's one of the very first to tinkle with the updated prancing horse.

Lotus 3-Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven
You might be deceived by the looks and consider this a concept, but hear this, this is real and it will be built for both track and road legal.
It is Lotus' most radical, fastest and most expensive model. Called the 3-Eleven, it's considered an "uncompomised manifestation of the Lotus spirit".

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin VulcanIt is a 24 limit production track oriented beast and it's nothing Aston Martin did before. After a few teases here and there, with a high revving flamey engine, Aston Martin took the wraps off their Vulcan.
As stated, it will be a limited production run model and we have to say, it's a twist that Aston Martin took with it, which might not please all their customers, but we're sure that new customers will be drawn to this.

The Race - McLaren P1 vs Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

The Race
The ways of Photoshop are limitless, combine that with imagination and creativity and you can expect great results.
Ever since I saw this picture, I knew I had to make it more dynamic, angle was right, position and background as well.
Veyron needed a lower stance, bigger wheels and a more popping color. The McLaren had everything, enhanced the rear with a backfire and custom plates for both the cars, because details matter - how about a "lowered" window for the Bugatti?

F1 Great Britain - RACE

Nico Rosberg is the winner of the 2013 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX.

After very exciting race, and a bit of luck, Nico Rosberg managed to drive his AMG Mercedes to a second win this year.

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