2019 BMW 8 Series

2019 BMW 8 Series

2019 BMW 8 Series

The wait is over, the new 8 Series has been revealed by BMW, during the 24h Race at Le Mans. BMW has been planning this for a while now and it's set to follow the steps of it's first iteration, the E31 8 Series.

2012 Honda Civic EU-Spec Speculative Render

For a while, Honda, has been teasing us with the upcoming EU version of the 2012 Civic. They recently announced, that the production model will be released at this year's Frankfurt AutoShow, that's being held in 2 weeks from now.


The most informing teaser has been posted a while ago, which you can see here as well and it shows a sneak preview of the hatch and the spoiler-like center brake light.

I based my design on the current Coupe model, except i had to modify the roof line, side windows line, rear fender and the entire rear of the car, except lower part of the bumper and diffuser.

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