Lotus Given Another Chance

Lotus has been struggling financially for quite a bit now, but the auto company was given new life. DRB-Hicom, a company fully integrated in the automotive business, recently invested over 100M GBP to keep Lotus in the game. It sure was a right move for DRB-Hicom as profits increased since that period. Production has been stepped-up by 40 cars per month. Keep in mind that Lotus has sold on 80 cars in total during the year of 2012. That's a huge jump!

Details are still very vague, but the managing director of DRB, Taj Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil, recently told the media that "We have cleaned up and we are moving ahead." It is also said that Lotus will be going through a three-year reconstruction program. All this is very promising for the future of Lotus. 

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