2016 BMW M2 Coupe

After a long period of waiting, nail bitting and presumtions made on spy photos, BMW finally revealed one of the most anticipated M model, the M2 Coupe.
With a different name (2), this is the successor of the limited production 1M Coupe, a high praised M model, but comes with a different output of power, 365HP, 500NM of torque of the same displacement, 3.0 inline 6 turbocharged petrol engine (N55). The new M2 sprints to 100km.h in 4.2s and reaches to an electronically limited top speed of 250km.h.

Giorgetto Giugiaro retires

One of the most influential and the greatest designers of the car world has stepped down from the Italian design house he founded.
If we were to enlist his works, we could fill tons of pages, know that it was him who brought the DeLorean DMC-12 to life, BMW M1, Volkswagen Golf, the iconic Lotus Esprit, Ferrari 250GT SWB, Ford Mustang Concept and numerous others. He designed lots of Apple product concepts, Nikon camera bodies.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW Vision Gran Turismo
A while ago BMW announced they are working on a concept exclusively for GranTurismo 6, today they made it official, it's being envisioned by BMW Group Design and it's called Vision Gran Turismo.

The concept is being based on the M235i Racing model, but with a whole new features. Car has been enlarged, lowered, features classic design lines combined with modern touches. Floating panels in the side skirts, front and rear bumper and carbon fiber touches. The spoiler has been integrated in the fenders.

BMW i8 on ISS Forged ML24 Series F1-15M

BMW i8

With the delivery date closing in for BMW's performance hybrid, reviews are popping in. With complicated and advanced technology, gorgeous looks ( I have seen this car live ), everybody agrees that BMW is offering the car of the future.


But ( there always is a but ), functionality has a way of alter form, as in rims are large in diameter, but lack width and the car has fender gap and other complains - here is where we came in, the idea and execution stands in our hands and with the power of Photoshop and advanced 3D rendering software, we offer you a more aggressive model.


BMW Vision Luxury Concept

BMW Vision Luxury Concept
BMW steps up the Premium brand and expresses what luxury really means by their terms. With the latests Vision Luxury Concept, which hints towards the look of the 7 Series, they showed a coupe-ish 4 door shape with no B Pillar, dipped into a Liquid Platinum Bronze paint, with large kidney grilles and laserd lights.

Being lightweight built, the chasis is build of carbon fiber, with other carbon goodies along the bodywork, like grille spats, air breathers and deflectors. Tail lights are something new, which BMW describes as OLED.

Crazy Lamborghini Aventador Crash

If you're a hardcore supercar fan, be cautious because this video might hurt to watch. A matte black Aventador is seen crashing into several cars in Knightsbridge, London. Apparently, the Aventador was racing a Maserati GranTurismo Sport on Sloan Street when all of a sudden a Mazda minivan juts out a little too far. Maybe the minivan driver thought that he/she had more time, but it's hard to judge how quickly a supercar like the Aventador can go. It's equally hard to calculate how fast the driver in the Aventador was really going. Either way, the street became way too narrow for the wide supercar and the driver ends up hitting the left fender of the Mazda, launching the car several feet in the air.

2014 BMW X4

2014 BMW X4
Another niche, no problem for BMW as they seem to take advantages of any opporunity, so, after the success of the X6 in some markets, they decided to do a smaller version of it, based on the X3 - this is how the X4 Sport Activity Coupe takes shape.

Basically this car will be a sportier version of the X3, it's a bit longer and lower, the difference also can be found at the sloping roof line, the modelled L-shape LED tail-lights.

On the inside, there are no changes, as the car echoes X3, although the X4 has many more color/leather combinations available.

2014 BMW M4 Coupe DTM

2014 BMW M4 Coupe DTM
Time to spice things up, as BMW just released their track weapon for this year's DTM Season. It was expected that the new car would be based on the new M4 Coupe, but don't expect many resamblances other than the headlights and tails.

The racer weights as little as 1170kg and it's being powered by a NA V8 engine which develops 480HP and 500NM of torque, i believe this car flies. Transmission magic happens due to a 6speed sequential gearbox, with the help of 2 hydraulic flappy paddles.

BMW 4 Series GranCoupe

BMW 4 Series GranCoupe
BMW with it's forever niche models attempts (and some succeed), has revealed the 4 Series GranCoupe. So what is it? Well, consider it a smaller class 6 series GranCoupe. But should I buy the 3 Series Saloon instead? Well, depends, this one is being based on 4 series platform, which means it's wider, lower and has a hatch - and way cooler.

Engines are the same from 3er and 4er, sales kickoff this summer!


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