ML24 Subaru BRZ Version 2 Wide Body Kit Official Release

From ML24, October 9, 2017:

When we first started working on the Subaru BRZ version of our flagship wide body kit, we wanted to create a unique design that truly reflected and emphasized the Subaru brand and their design language. After many months of development, from sketches and renderings to CAD iterations, we achieved a sculpted design that conveys aggressive precision, a “shark-mouth”. The inclusion of dynamic shapes and vigorous lines help showcase the next step in the evolution of our company’s design philosophy and product DNA.

For more pictures and information, please visit ML24 website.

Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning for Greater Toronto Area

We are extremely happy to announce the official launch of our sister company, Balonbay. Balonbay is a dynamic, Canadian company that offers its diverse in-house services to the Greater Toronto Area. From commercial-grade 3D laser scanning to 3D printing, Balonbay utilizes state-of-the-art tools and technologies for: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and reverse-engineering projects.

Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning for Greater Toronto Area

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