Winner DragRace 111

Here at PS-G we want to put your chops and your name in the spotlights! You might have read the feature on ATC-Design's chop. This is another way to get yourself featured on the mainpage for the world to see.

Enter and win dragraces against other PS-G members!

Last DR was won by Matt McClellan. Or Ta2man, as most of us know him. The base was a nice BMW 3-series Coupe. Matt went for a track prepped car which he achieved by giving it various upgrades including but not limited to a full rollcage and dropping it on some hot 360Forged rims.

We asked him some questions to give you an insight in what drives him.

Q: You've been a member of PS-G for just over a year now. And recently became a frequent participant in the DR's. What attracts you to this format? 

A:  I love competition it's what makes you better at what you do. because you strive to stay on top.

Q: How long do you generally work on a chop? 

A: An average is about 3-6 hours. I have had chops go into the 20 hr range though.

Q: Is there a type of cars or a style you prefer to chop? 

A: I dont really have a preference i like them all. im currently working on trying to design my own!!


Thank you Matt and keep up the good work!