Want Porsche 918?

Well, here's what you need to do - 1st of all, be sure you got 845.000$(that's the raw price Porsche is asking in US and Canadar, not including destination charges). Once done with the saving, you need to find a Porsche dealer, that's authorized to sell this awesome piece of engineering. According to Porsche, any dealer can sell 918, as long as they signed a participation agreement with .. Porsche.

Dealers who want to place an order for a 918 will have to submit an "Allocation Request Form." Porsche will reply with an "Allocation Response Form," which tells the dealer whether there's a car available for them. Once that's done, the dealer submits an order form, along with a $200,000 down payment. Porsche will respond with a confirmation and an estimated month for production.

The next step is another $200,000 deposit 12 months before the production date. The balance – $445,000 plus shipping, if you're counting – is due when Porsche says the car is done. Porsche says the car will not be shipped until it has been paid for in full. The reason, apparently, is that it won't be building any of the hyper-expensive 918s on speculation, and that each car needs to have an owner before it is built.

Thing is that, we are still waiting for the production shape, but I like that Porsche is preparing it's customers, even from the start, well done!

Source: autorumors