Red Riding JDMood

Hello, with this very 1st single chop feature, we are starting a new series of features based on your chops! It's all about finding out the spicying details behind each of your biggest projects. Doesn't matter if you are Streets, CarShow or ACS, you will have your place here! First user that had the luck, or shall I say, enough cunningness, to steal our viewer's eye, is ATC-Design. Without any doubt, he made an exceptionally piece of work, every detail catches your eye. Took a little time and sent him a couple of questions to find out a bit more about his work. He was very kind to answer them and quite delighted about the feature.

Here we go!

Q: Did the chop itself, followed a purpose, I mean like, made for a contest, or just a hobby chop?

A: Before I answer this, I must say how honoured I am to be one of the first to be featured. But it was just a chop for fun really. I hadn't chopped since 2010 (apart from the two world team battle chop) so needed to get back into it.

Q: What inspired you to choose this theme, besides the stance, we all know you are a stance master. 

A: Well, I love the 240sx, and I love the mixture of JDM styling and stance, and I realised I had never chopped a 240sx before, and well, stance just seemed like the perfect choice.

Q: Did the car moved to several colors until reaching final red, what made you choose red?

A: Candy Red. There is just something really quite appealing about it. I don't know why, I just fancied doing something with a really rich colour, and I arrived at red. I did play around with a few other colours before finishing, but red just seemed to work best.

Q: Donors helped with the reflection references, or you went berserk and made them from scratch?

A: There was some reference fro the rear bumper and rear quarter panel, but a lot of it was just free styled, (I don't know what I was thinking - it was a nightmare) with virtually no reference at all (most of the side and interior). I just used some of the reflections from the base to help me work out what you should or shouldn't see. If you look at the front bumper, you will notice the reflections are really quite similar to the base image.

Q: This looks like some heavy brushing, how long did it take you to complete?

A: How long did it take me to complete? Hmm... about a week I think. It was the school holidays, so late nights working on it were a no brainer when there was nothing else to do.

Q: From your point of view, does the chop need to be improved with extra details?

A: Yes!!!! The more details the better. Maybe its because I spent too long staring at it, but to me it just looks a little fake, and almost as if its made of plastic rather than metal - but hey - that's something to work on in the future.

Thank you for your time!