Porsche Merdad Cayenne 902 Coupé

The Merdad 2 door 902 Coupe was unveiled at the London Motorshow alongside their 4 door Merdad based on the Cayenne Turbo and the Merdad Range Rover Sport.

The UK-based tuning firm Merdad transfored the new Cayenne into a sleek looking two door SUV, by cutting out the two rear doors, adding new aerodynamic parts and to finish it off put some massiv 22" rims underneath it. Merdad didn't stop with the exterior though. With the available engine upgrade the power from the stock Turbo engine goes up from the stock 550hp to 750hp! With this increase in power the Merdad Cayenne Coupé blasts from 0 to 60mph/100kmh in  4.4 seconds