Peugeot EX1 sets new lap record Nürburgring

The French driver Stéphane Caillet completed the legendary 20,8km in a time of 9:01,338  with a Peugeot EX1. This time might not look so spectacular, especially knowing that an Opel Zafira OPC clocks just under 8:55.

But the EX1 is a fully electric car, and now the fastest one round the 'ring ever. This time comes down to an average speed of 138,324km/h, not bad I would say! All this speed comes from two electric engines. Together they are producing 340hp and 480Nm torque, 240Nm at the rear and 240Nm at the front. And because it's electric, this torque is always available!

This isn't the first record the EX1 breaks either. It already holds the record at almost every draglength you can think of. From 1/8 mile (8.89sec) over to the 1 miles (41.09sec) and everything in between. It did the more known 1/4 mile in 14.40sec

picture :