Nismo Leaf Zero Emission

The sport version of the European car of the year, called Nismo Leaf Zero Emission Racing Competition takes the strategy of zero emission to the racing track.

A small family car, Leaf, which was presented last year in US, Japan and Europe, now gets a full track-car reborn. Leaf RC will be presented on this year's International Auto Show in New York.

Car will still be driven by it's stock AC synchronous electric motor powered by Li-Ion battery, delivering 107Hp and 281Nm of torque to it's rear wheels. It takes only 6,85s from 0 to 100km/h with the top speed of 150km/h. It needs 30min to recharge up to 80% using the quick mode. In the racing conditions, full battery is enough for 20min of driving. 

This new vehicle will be probably used just for marketing and various meetings this year, but who knows, one day we might watch this little electrtic wonder competing in GT and GT1 series.