New Castrol EDGE BMW M3 for DTM

This year BMW Motorsport (M-sport) will appear in DTM season with 6 new BMW M3 DTM models. One of them, sponsored by Castrol EDGE will be equiped by new Castrol EDGE and Aral Ultimate design livery.

Castrol engine oils are well known all over the world, for their extreme performance in the racing world as in the daily use among millions of users. Castrol EDGE oil is strongest and most advanced oil yet. Aral Ultimate has 2.400 filling stations all over Germany and that makes it the biggest on the market. The famous blue Aral diamond logo has special place on German market, it is known by 90 % of all citizens.

And since we mentioned the new BMW M3 DTM before, it will have V8 engine with new air restrictors as detailed in the technical regulations and it produced around 480 bhp. It takes approximately 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and it achieves around 300 km/h of top spped.


Nik Paki┼ż, DragonForce