Mini 'Red Mudder'

What you see here is an early sketch of the Mini 'Red Mudder'.

This special edition Mini based on the Cooper S is designed by the Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten for the 2011 Life Ball, a charity event for AIDS. The two fashiondesigners better known as DSQUARED² got their inspiration from the new Mini World Rally Car. Because according to the brothers : "If we were a car, it would be rugged and robust. Our Mini 'Red Mudder' is an accurate reflection of that. With the maple leaf on both doors and the DSQUARED logo on the front shield and wheels, this is unmistakably our style."

Other designers that have supported the event in the past included Versace, Diesel, Missoni and Gianfranco Ferré.

This years Life Ball will be held in Vienna on 21 May.

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