Logitech Z906

This right here is called the "demolisher", Z906 is the successor of the famous Z5500 sound system, if you didn't hear about it, I'm sure you, at least, heard it.

The sound system has 5 sattelites and one subwoofer, develops 500 Watts and it is THX certified.

Helping out the Dolby digital or DTS coded soundtracks, is an integrated 5.1 digital decoder, which allows the surround sound to spread, from a delirious crowd, to some footsteps you feel right behind you.

If you are a bass addict, the side-firing subwoofer will be a delight, this one sends low frequencies with 0 distorsions, with a power of 165 Watts.

A wireless remote control makes the volume control easy.

Logitech Z906 sound system will be available starting this month, with a price around 350 Euros.