Lamborghini future lineup

The Overall Line:

2011 sees the LP700-4 Aventador hitting the streets and the LP550-2 Spyder.
2012 sees the LP700-4 Roadster and the Sesto Elemento.
2013 sees the Gallardo replacement.
2014 sees the Estoque/4-door sedan and the Gallardo replacement Spyder.
2015 sees the LP700 Super Veloce, and an Estoque convertible concept.
2016 sees the LP700 coupe and Roadster Facelift.
2017 sees the Estoque Convertible and the Gallardo replacement Superleggera.
2018 sees the Gallardo replacement facelift.
2019 sees the LP700 Jota.
2020 sees the Estoque Sedan/Convertible facelift and an Estoque Coupe concept.
2021 sees the LP700 replacement and the Estoque Coupe.


After establishing the line with the coupe, the company debuts the roadster a year later. The roadster features a carbon fiber, multi-piece top that mounts to hidden hardpoints on the chassis and stores flatpack-style in the boot.
2 years later they add the Aventador SV, which loses 150kg over the standard car, through the usual carbon interior and general lightening, and gains 50hp and a big carbon fiber wing. The SV will be a 2015 model-year only run, limited to 350 cars.
In 2016 the Aventador coupe and roadster get a facelift and the SV engine upgrades to become the LP750-4. The styling tightens up the rear end with a new diffuser, full-width mesh grill and redesigned tail lights. The front end gets wider grill openings, and new contour to the nose.
The final encore of the Aventador debuts in 2019 with the LP850-4 Jota. Utilizing cast carbon-silicate materials for the gearbox cases, differential housings and some carbon fiber suspension pieces, the Jota weighs 250kg lighter than the standard car, and 100kg lighter than the SV, while putting out a full 100hp more than the facelifted standard car. The Jota will be a 2019 Model-Year only limited run of 50 cars and the final Aventador.


Cabrera - Gallardo Replacement:

Like the Gallardo, the replacement is named after one of the foundational bloodlines of Spanish fighting bulls; Cabrera. Initially debuting in 2013 as a 570hp V10 coupe, the Cabrera Spyder joins the line a year later. Built on a multi-sectional, bonded carbon monocoque (cheaper to produce than the one-piece Aventador monocoque), the Cabrera is slightly larger than the Gallardo, but is also slightly lighter, improving incrementally on the performance of the Gallardo 570 Superleggera.
The Spyder keeps the configuration of the Gallardo Spyder, with its powered folding fabric top.
2017 brings us to the Cabrera Superleggera, a one model-year only run of 250 units. A 150kg weight loss is achieved through a carbon interior and a general diet regimen. Power is increased to 595hp.
In its sixth model-year of production, the Cabrera receives its facelift, making it ready for the second half of its production life, ending somewhere around 2024.



Lamborghini's first 4 door sedan debuts in 2014, powered by the same next-gen V10 as the Cabrera. Offering great performance, unassailable luxury and an exclusive cache unrivaled by any other saloon car, the Estoque shakes up the high-end luxury sedan segment.
In 2015, the company reveals a 2 door, 4 seat convertible concept version of the Estoque, to rave reviews. The convertible goes into production the following year, as a 2017 model.
The Estoque receives the now traditional "5-year facelift" in 2020. Simultaneously Lamborghini floats a shortened Estoque, 2 door/2+2 coupe concept car, aimed directly at the luxo-sport coupes from England and Germany. The coupe arrives in dealer showrooms for 2021.

Final Thoughts:

The above does not include the inevitable Hybrid/Alternate Fuel/Alternate Powerplant concept cars and production car variants. A hybrid/alt version of the Estoque is likely, as well as a kinetic-energy recycling Cabrera. The flagship Aventador is possibly the final, pure gasoline only Lamborghini.
These predictions only cover the major bodystyle/engine output variations of the model range, and do not include "Paint&Stripe" special editions, like the Murcielago Versace, Gallardo SE, Bicolore, Tricolore, Nera, etc, etc...

I'm sure we can expect a handful of these "special" cars in each model line, over the next decade.

Source ApexOversteer