GT3RS 4.0 Limited Edition

The GT3RS 4.0 continues where the GT3RS stops.

Since Porsche hasn't officially announced anything about this car there is a lot of guessing and very little facts. But this would basically be a GT3RSR for the road. The 4.0L engine produces 485hp, that's 35 more than the 3.8L engine in the 2011 GT3RS. Just like the GT2RS it uses carbon fiber for the hood and the fenders, which makes it a bit lighter than the regular GT3RS. The car will be wider, possibly because of the use of RSR style fenders with rivets.

Some other 'facts' are that it will have Just like the GT3RS it will have its own livery, like the GT3RS and will not be available with the PDK, but only as a manual 6-speed. This would be the last of the 997-generation and 911 all together. After this the 991 will make it's debut. 

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