F1 Germany - Recap

Sebastian Vettel is the winner of FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2013.

Pretty interesting race this Sunday even though Seb was leading vast majority of the race. First off, he had a duel with Hamilton right in the first corner of the race, after that he was chased by Romain Grosjean and then later by his teammate Kimi Raikkonen. A bit of an unusual thing to see Lotus giving Red Bull a hard time, but things obviously sorted out for them - new upgrade package (although they were driving on it on Silverstone too), track temperature, fast pit stops and pure driving awesomeness. Things ended like copy-paste from Bahrain - Sebastian, Kimi, Romain, first three places.

Right after them finished Fernando Alonso who was, on the other hand, having pretty hard time with the tires and track temperature. But with great tactics and great driving he drove his Ferrari to a fourth place and valuable eight points for the drivers championship.

Lewis Hamilton finished fifth after starting from the pole with now usual tire problems. 

In other news, rumors about Kimi's transfer to Red Bull are getting stronger and stronger - according to f1zone.com he's on cusp of Red Bull. To shake things up some more, there are also rumors, according to German auto magazine Bild, Nico Hulkenberg is in talks with Lotus.

And after all, referring to Kimi and Lotus, they will decide about they future partnership in this summer brake.

There, you should have something to keep you thinking in this three-week brake, so see you on July 28th when we are racing in Hungary!


 1.  Vettel         Red Bull-Renault           
 2.  Raikkonen      Lotus-Renault                        
 3.  Grosjean       Lotus-Renault                        
 4.  Alonso         Ferrari                              
 5.  Hamilton       Mercedes                            
 6.  Button         McLaren-Mercedes                     
 7.  Webber         Red Bull-Renault                     
 8.  Perez          McLaren-Mercedes                     
 9.  Rosberg        Mercedes                             
10.  Hulkenberg     Sauber-Ferrari                       
11.  Di Resta       Force India-Mercedes                 
12.  Ricciardo      Toro Rosso-Ferrari                   
13.  Sutil          Force India-Mercedes                 
14.  Gutierrez      Sauber-Ferrari                       
15.  Maldonado      Williams-Renault                     
16.  Bottas         Williams-Renault                     
17.  Pic            Caterham-Renault                    
18.  van der Garde  Caterham-Renault                     
19.  Chilton        Marussia-Cosworth                    
DNF. Vergne         Toro Rosso-Ferrari                   
DNF. Bianchi        Marussia-Cosworth                    
DNF. Massa          Ferrari