Electric Motorcycle Design by Matthew Law

Electric Motorcycle Design by Matthew Law

As fuel prices are getting higher and higher, the automotive stream is moving towards alternative ways to move vehicles around. Large manufacturers are researching into EV's (electric vehicles), but what about motorcycles?

This project was to conceptualize an electric-power motorcycle concept for the year 2020.

Instead of designing a conventional exotic sport bike with an electric battery replacement, I chose to do a retro-futuristic, steam-punk style motorbike. How would an electric motorcycle look like in 1940s, given they had the manufacturing technology of today? Or - how would a retro motorbike look like in year 2020?

The "hunchness" of the bike was influenced from current street fighters, while the linear elements were inspired from the cafe racers and retro motorcycles. The block from the side of the bike is the compartment for the battery storage, and right underneath is a cylindrical container which holds a high-power turbine. As the motorcycle rides to high speeds, the ribs lit up - emitting bright light.

This project was completed in a fairly short time - in only 4-5 weeks. The first 2-3 weeks were pure sketching and idea development, near the final week it was more finalizing details. The model itself was completed in 10 days from start to finish - all CNC-ed from MDF wood. The shipping crate is custom made for this motorcycle.

The scale model measures roughly 21" long.

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