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2011 Chevrolet Mi-ray Roadster Concept

This good looking concept, which debuts at this week's Seoul Motor Show, pays tribute to Chevrolet’s sports car heritage. According to Chevrolet it's small and open like the 1963 Monza SS, and light and purposeful like the 1962 Corvair Super Spyder.


Porsche plans Ferrari 458 rival

Porsche has plans for a new mid-engined supercar that, if approved by bosses at parent company Volkswagen, will take it into direct competition with Ferrari, McLaren and sister firm Lamborghini.


25 Cars worth waiting in 2012-2015 interval

If you thought what would the upcoming 2012-2015 cars line up would look like, you are in luck, because Car and Driver, gathered 25 cars that are worth waiting in the already mentioned time interval.

Here's the quick list:

2012 Audi S7

2012 Audi S8

2012 Bentley Conti GTC

2013 BMW 3 Series

2012 BMW M6

2015 Cadillac "UP"

Want Porsche 918?

Well, here's what you need to do - 1st of all, be sure you got 845.000$(that's the raw price Porsche is asking in US and Canadar, not including destination charges). Once done with the saving, you need to find a Porsche dealer, that's authorized to sell this awesome piece of engineering. According to Porsche, any dealer can sell 918, as long as they signed a participation agreement with .. Porsche.

Infiniti Etherea Concept

Infiniti will blur the distinctions between traditional car body styles with its Etherea concept; the compact vehicle is said to combine coupe, sedan, hatchback, and crossover elements. It debuts at the Geneva auto show and presages a future entry-level Infiniti model that will be smaller than the current G.


Toyota FT-86 II

Apparently Toyota started to tease their upcoming model, the FT86 concept, now called FT86 II. This RWD coupe model is meant to be AE86's successor, will it have the same fame? From what I see, this teaser car doesn't have such an aggressive grille as the concept model.

Stick around and see more!


2012 Honda Civic Coupe Si and Sedan

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