Citroën Metropolis

Citroën wants to get back into the limo segment, and this is what they are going to use to achieve it! The Metropolis will compete against the established German threesome. The BMW 7er, Mercedes S-klasse and Audi A8. With it's lenght of 5.30m it is even longer than the Mercedes and it's even wider than a Maybach with its 2m. So you won't hear anyone say it's too small. But with its low roofline it still looks very elegant and even sporty.

The design hasn't come from France, but from Shanghai. Since 2008 they codevelop cars that are destined for the chinese market, worlds biggest market for this kind of vehicles!

I sure wouldn't mind driving this around town, or more likely seeing this driving around town! But we'll have to wait for 2013, at least.