BMW M3 DTM Concept

Short following Seljakboy's post with the DTM A5, BMW recently unveiled, in Munich, ahead of this weekend's DTM round, their DTM concept car.

New regulations for next year have been introduced to reduce costs with a standardized chassis and other parts. Aero changes will also lead to more exciting racing, back to the Golden era of 90’s DTM. This also allows 2 door coupes such as this M3 and Audi’s A5.

These new regulations have already resulted in BMW Motorsport returning to the German series. The carbon fibre bodied race car uses a 4 Litre V8 engine producing 480bhp, limited by an air restrictor. Exact chassis rules have not been made public, so don’t be surprised if the car's appearance changes during testing. Visually it does remind me of the older DTM cars.

BMW also announced their first two DTM drivers. Team Need for Speed Dubai 24 Hour winner Augusto Farfus and Andy Priaulx were also introduced by new BMW Motorsport Director, Jens Marquardt  as the first two DTM Drivers. 

Source: WCF and Speedhunters.