2011 - February Chop of the Month

It took a while but here is the new COM feature, February. But it was worth the wait, because once again we have three great chops lined up for you.
Two of them we already saw pass here, DragonForce and illusionest, and one firsttimer, AwB!

Streets Chopper - DragonForce

Q: What or who made you use Photoshop? 
A: It started using PS by myself, when I accidently found Digimods official site. I was so impressed by his work and I wanted to start making it too. 
Q: When did you start virtually modifying cars? 
A: It was is 2007, like I said above, when I found Digimods page. Then I started making chops very rapidly, maybe 2 per week, it was basicly quick chops, lowering and rims. After some time, I started to make some more mods and it took me longer to finish the chop. Few times in my ''career'', I got choppers block when I didn't made any chop, complete lack of ideas, I think it was 4-5 times for 3-4 months. 

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? 
A: When I see good base in nice position, I think about possible mods on it and if I can think of something nice, creative and unique, I start working on it. The main inspiration for bumpers, arches and stuff usually comes from supercars or fast sedans and hatchback, like Lambo, Mitsu EVO or Focus RS. I also watch a lot of tuning sites, like AC schnitzer, Hamman, Carlsson and I get inspiration from there too. 

CarShow Chopper - AwB

Q: What or who made you use Photoshop?
A: In 2007 I joined the Italian forum of the virtual tuning (www.virtualtuning.it) and some user used photoshop for a long time and that's how I started using this fantastic program.
Q: What's your average time spent on a chop?
A: Usually about a month. Sometimes less depending on difficulty that I encounter.
Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Very often from kits that exist in reality and adapt to the shape of the car to which it applies. Other times by  recent Concept car.

Advanced CarShow Chopper - illusionest

Q: When did you start using Photoshop? 
A: I started using photoshop back in August 2006, when I first started chopping. Back then i only used photoshop for chopping, now i use photoshop for ... well, just about everything. 

Q: As most of us know, design isn't just a hobby for you, you also study it. Do you think this helped somewhat in your chops? If so, how? 
A: Indeed it has! I study Transportation Design here in Toronto, Canada. And the studies really push you to think creatively and push the limits of car design. Besides chopping, I sketch A LOT. Sketching is a great way to quickly put ideas on paper, refine them, before spending time in front of a computer screen and mouse. Studying design really helps you understand how things are manufactured, why things are the way they are, and how to reach target markets. The courses help your presentation, your line work, your use of color, shadows / highlights, etc. You can really apply a lot of these skills into photoshopping cars. Besides aftermarket, I spend quite a bit of time developing concept cars. Which is why you'll see a bit of "concept-feel" or "conceptual-ness" about my tuner designs. 

Q: Do you see Photoshop, as a way to earn living? 
A: Now? Yes, absolutely. For everyone? Can't guarantee! But it is the digital age after all, and there are many powerful software out there that help get the job done. If you want to pursue a career that's both creative and graphical, then i highly recommend you become an expert at photoshop. There are many jobs out there that require photoshop, and being good really gives you an advantage. However, do note that besides photoshop, there are other software that are key in the industry, such as illustrator for vector, indesign for print, lightroom for photo-editing, after effects for video editing, and many more. So consider learning not just one, but a family / group of software (depends on your job).