2010 September Chops of the Month

Congratulations to DragonForce and illusionest this month ! Below is the interview done by Danyutz.

Streets Chopper - DragonForce

Q: What get you into Photoshop, modifying cars more exactly?

A: I started to do Photoshop out of curiosity, I wanted to do some ''tuning'' by my own. I was always interested into cars, anything related to them, so as car-design, racing with them and of course mechanical part of them.
Few years ago, I was interested more in design and shape of the cars, now I am more and more into mechanical part and modifying.
When I am looking at car photos, I always think how could this shape be improved and more defined so it stands out of the originals.

Q: What inspires you to virtually modify cars?

A: Most inspiration I get from looking at professional made car photos, with nice lightening and shades and that is my motivation to do something similar.
Sometimes my inspiration just comes from nowhere, when I get that idea and then I realize it on an interesting base that I find.
My inspiration varies, depends on the time of year. During the summer, I have no inspiration and I can't come up with anything mind-blowing.
But during the autumn, winter or spring, I have lots of different ideas and I try to realize them.

Q: Do you think that virtually modifying cars is a way to earn money, or just a hobby?

A: It would be nice, if that could be our real profession, but then again, I think I would get bored of it (like I usually do) and I wouldn't find it interesting anymore like I do now.
I like to consider it as a hobby. Because it depends on my inspiration and motivation for tuning and it would be a problem if I would have no inspiration for work.
Virtually tuning is ''special'' hobby, that I think isn't for anyone. You have to take time, a lot of it and be patient. You just have to be right person for it  ;)

Bonus: I know i said 3 questions, but i forgot to count ..

Q: What is the factor that makes you improve? What do you do to improve, advance, go up the ladder?

A: Factor that makes me improve: practice of new techniques and practice in general. Its also nice to get some positive and constructive comments and the fact, that people see your work and help you on your way up.

Car Show Chopper - illusionest

Q: What get you into Photoshop and chopping cars?

A: First off - thank you very much to all those that voted for me, i did not expect the win.
It was the tuner industry that sparked my interest in chopping - being able to do whatever i want to cars, making ugly cars look good, or changing cars the way i think is right (which is why my chops always look "conceptual"). As for the second part of the question - i absolutely LOVE photoshop, I'm "one" with photoshop - it actually flows in my blood, I'm serious. After being self-taught and following guides some time later, I taught photoshop for 3 semesters and took an Adobe professional exam. I no longer teach, but i do make tutorials for psg from time to time!

Q: How long since you started chopping cars?

A: I've been chopping since August 2004, and drawing for well over 17 years as of now. Funny how i started though, i saw a ridiculously ugly yellow Audi turned to purple and i was shocked at the technology back then. Now look at what i do, people call my stuff ridiculous.

Q: What's your average time spent on a chop?

A: A couple years ago i could spend days, sometimes weeks on a chop. Now i spend no longer than 5 hours, on average, and usually, somewhere between 4-5 hours, no more no less. I have a very busy schedule and its hard to slice time for "hobby chopping" now. So i'd say on average, 4.5 hours per chop.


Q: Since you are the administrator of this long living forum, tell us something inspirational, what keeps you going?

A: What keeps me going... well, its the enthusiastic members like Danyutz. HAHA.
Seriously though. Its my passion to teach everybody else this hobby, I think its a great way to contribute to the society by teaching people. And knowing photoshop can get you to many places. In the past 5-6 years of running ps-g, ive seen so many members take what they've learned here into the work force, its a great feeling. Some people just chop for fun - and its still great, because i love seeing new talent and other people's ideas and designs.

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