2010 November Chops of the Month

Alright fellas, did my homework this time and we're on schedule! Winners did their part too and we got a nicely done feature right here! Check out what they answered!

Street Chopper: DragonForce

Q: What do you think that people who get bored of Photoshop, should do?
A: I often get bored of Photoshop, I mean, I often get Choppers block. I don't think there is much to do, when you start to get bored.
Best solution is to go watch some automotive shows, maybe some car magazines or in best case, other people's chop to get motivation.
In my personal case, I had choppers block for almost entire summer, I couldn't chop anything decent because of the lack of the ideas. So I went and watch 7-8 Top Gear shows (never did before) and then I got some ideas how to tune a car and then that ''BMW 3 Rollin' on 23' '' came up.

Q: You believe that each chop should be an improvement, something better than the previous one?
A: Yes, every new chop should be improvement of the previous one, in my opinion. Because you are learning all the time and with every new chop, you learn new things and improves.

Q: Did received comments helped you improve whatsoever?
A: Of course, comments, which chopper receives from other users helps a lot. Others see your chop in different perspective so then can give neutral opinion, which you can't see during the making of chop.
I got a lot of useful comments from other users which helped me chopping.
I'm not so good with brushing from scratch and other users that are, gave me advices which helped me with that.

CarShow Chopper: illusionest

Q: You consider negative comments as an insult towards the work, respectively to the artist?
A: Negative comments should be considered constructive criticism. However, I believe all "posters" should give both positive and negative input. There has to be something good in any artwork, if anything, the chopper has tried. That being said, if you're doing a chop, do your best, don't waste your time.

Some people may make some harsh comments, but everybody has a different personality or attitude. Regardless, read what others say, but follow what you think is right.

Q: Less high quality parts or more low quality parts on a chop? Quality or quantity?
A: Quality, quality, quality. I can't stress enough of how low quality parts are disgusting. Why are you photoshopping? To make the end result look photo-realistic. Why Photoshop if you're final product can be easily told is fake? Might as well use MS Paint...

Q: You think that comments help artists improve?
A: Absolutely - the more comments the better. Sadly, i don't have the time to comment on everybody's artworks now-a-days. But if I had all the time in the world, I would go into each topic, individually, spend some time, and critique each chopper. I love to see people improve, and I want them to become better in shorter time. So yes, comments are a must.

Bonus for the Admin:

Q: Each chop must be an improvement?
A: Like I previously said in this interview, each chop should be put forth with your best efforts. Always, always do your best. And don't be afraid to try new things, whether it is design-wise or technique-wise, that's how you become unique and learn. If you're using a same technique from before, then its most likely you'll do it again quicker this time. Aside from the time factor, after every chop, the quality and technical side of the chop should become better and better with practice.

Advanced CarShow Chopper: sven`

Q: When did you start using Photoshop? And what determined you to start virtual modifying cars?
A: I actually just started using Photoshop! I started using PaintShopPro (!) about 4 years ago and immediately started chopping for a contest on a Dutch forum.
Since then I always used PaintShopPro for chopping and now starting to use Photoshop for school etc.

Q: What's your average time spent on a chop?
A: Hard question, haha. I started the S2000 17 months ago, but I also just did two chops in one and a half day.. Let's say my average time spending on a chop is a few weeks.
I'm pretty much a perfectionist, so can't post chops before I think it's good enough (read; as good as perfect). Because I always wanted to improve myself with every chop, I was a slow chopper. But now there's not much left to improve, I improved chopping faster!

Q: What helped you improve over the time?
A: As already said, I always wanted to improve myself chop after chop. I never used tutorials or what so ever and created my own techniques. I became a realistic-chop-making-chopper by using lots of references and 'smart' thinking. I first started with overbrushing parts that already fitted the new car and now I use several references with a lot of imagination.
Also listening to wip-watchers (who are telling the truth) can be very helpfull to improve.

New comer question:

Q: Being a more advanced user, you got any advice or inspirational quote for our early staged members?
A: Practise makes perfect ;-)I know it's very cliché, but I also started as a huge noob once! And now I have a job as chopper.
Don't go brushing like an idiot while you never really brushed, start small and go bigger once you think you're ready.
And the most important; have fun!

I defo liked some answers, right on point, I really hope this helps most of you guys!

This is it for this month, let's see what December brings, I'm preparing a Santa surprise, so get your best tools and start chopping!

Thank you for reading.