Vehicle Design

Wheel Design

With over 25 years of combined industry experience, our team has a strong knowledge in wheel styling, trends, concepts, and technology. Our specialty is in form development and ideation, combined with our trained background in Industrial and Transportation Design; we have a deep understanding of aesthetics and mechanical function.

2D Rendering

2D vehicle renderings are digitally-manipulated car images with customized modifications. Modifications can range from wheel change, paint color, to more drastic changes such as exterior styling (body kits), vinyl graphics, and conversions (coupe/sedan, offroad, racing, etc.). 2D renderings are highly effective in communicating ideas and showcasing product.


We specialize in creating photo-realistic automotive renderings and wheel design development. Detailed information on each service is listed below and portfolio work can be viewed here. For all quotations and pricing inquiries, please email us at .


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