ML24 Subaru BRZ Version 2 Wide Body Kit Official Release

From ML24, October 9, 2017:

When we first started working on the Subaru BRZ version of our flagship wide body kit, we wanted to create a unique design that truly reflected and emphasized the Subaru brand and their design language. After many months of development, from sketches and renderings to CAD iterations, we achieved a sculpted design that conveys aggressive precision, a “shark-mouth”. The inclusion of dynamic shapes and vigorous lines help showcase the next step in the evolution of our company’s design philosophy and product DNA.

For more pictures and information, please visit ML24 website.

Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake Concept

Toyota Australia just revealed a Shooting Brake concept version of the already successful FRS also known as the GT-86. This one-off unique, hand-built prototype looks much like the current version of the coupe, but it sports an elongated hatch-style trunk and roof that is very much functional. The rest of the car still features that sporty, agressive look. Although this will likely stay as a concept car, it's interesting to see how versatile the GT-86 is, in terms of design.


Toyota GT-86 Shooting Brake Concept


Toyota FT-1 VisionGT Concept

Toyota FT-1 VisionGT Concept
I must admit, I was pretty hyped when Toyota revealed the FT-1 Concept and I do believe you guys shared the same feelings - we just crave for a new Supra.

Now, Toyota has revealed a Concept for the famous GranTurismo game, called the VisionGT, which stuns with it's Graphite Grey body and it highlights a beefed up body, with carbon fiber front splitter and a fixed rear wing along with vented fenders. Race inspired rear diffuser with integrated F1-brake light and an aggressive stance.

The car will be available for download, starting next month.

Scion FRS Series 1.0

Scion FRS Series 1.0
NYAS is here and news are starting to spread. Scion has announced a limited production of 1500 units, of what they call Release Series 1.0. The model consists in numerous upgrades from TRD, starting with the aero exterior to a Yuzu yellow exterior paint.

Inside, there's a Smart Key with Push to Start button, TRD installed a different steering wheel, shift knob, black seats with T-pattern and a unique logo cargo mat. FR-S Release Series 1.0 can be further distinguished by its HID headlamps with LED DRLs and a dual-zone automatic AC system.

Deliveries are expected in August.

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept
Toyota has reached the surface, what they presented at Detroit is a little bit of FT-HS, LFA and LF-LC concept - in one car the Future Toyota, or FT-1 Concept - and boy it looks fenomenal.

What's distinctive is that they moved the A pillars towards the back and it features a wrap-around windshield. And it doesn't stop here, the concept has everything a super-coupe needs, low profile tires, low  body, front engined - rear wheel drive.

The inside looks depicted from the SCI-FI movies, with all sorts of LEDs and an F1 inspired steering wheel.

Mercedes E-Class and Toyota Crown by Wald International

After fitting the same type of kit on the Audi A7 Sportback, Wald International continues to do amazing transformations on both 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class and 2014 Toyota Crown.

The kit consists of black color scheme and facelifted front bumper with many small aero details completing the set of very agressive-looking body kit. The cars will also sit on lowered suspensions and larger black alloy wheels.

The rumors are that Wald International is also working on increased power output on both cars.

Toyota NS4 Concept

As we move through communication and online age, this Toyota’s next horizon of telemetric sophistication and fuel miserliness is the NS4 concept, look at it as a rolling iPhone.

Can't understand? Have a look at the video!

Thanks Charlie for the tip!

Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon Project

What's more fun than a GT86, a track ready GT86, on a diet! That's right, the Griffon Project isn't about pumping up HP, is about losing as much weight as possible. With a lightweight bodykit by TRD which includes carbon fiber doors, hood, roof, rear wing and boot lid, while the rear diffuser, front wing and bumpers are made from CFRP. The stock glass windows have been replaced by lighter polycarbonate units. The GT 86 now sits on 18-inch alloys wrapped around in Yokohama Advan tires - the car has lost 227kg.

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