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Best chops of end 2011 - ps-garage video

With the new year, time has come for a new video. This time we bring to you Best chops of end 2011. There has been a lot of great chops to choose from in November and December, ps-garage choppers did their best.

Be sure to watch it in High Definition (HD), to get the real quality and impression of the video.

Nik Paki┼ż, DragonForce

See video

2011 - October Chop of the Month

Hey there, it's time for our coverage about the best chopper in each cathegory. This time however, we only had activity in Streets and CarShow, with polls ending in a tie for the latter cathegory. So, we decided we need to feature both winners. 
As many of you already read the rules, we have a deadline regarding replying the feature questions, if members don't reply in the given time, the feature goes to the next member with most votes.


2011 - September Chop of the Month

It's already half the month and we haven't prepared this by now.
Sorry for the late post, but we had a tad bit of delay with the feature answers.
It's been a busy month here at PS-Garage, but we keep things in line with a rich chopping month. September was a good month, filled with hard-to-choose what to vote chops, starting with Streets all the way up to Advanced CarShow.


Opel Meriva

Another battle has been fought, and from it, a new victor arose. The by now well known PS-G resident Matt McClellan aka ta2man!

This time he battled against shadow17200 who made his debut at the Drag Races! But with previous chops posted in the CarShow section, Matt had a tough challenge ahead of him. Knowing he had to give it his all worked on him as an extra stimulace to push himself to new heights and the win!

Winner DragRace 114

Ta2man is always in for another round of 1vs1 battling! Today you can read about another of his winning chops - this time the little Daihatsu Copen which he transformed into a firebreathing drift monster.

Q: A Daihatsu Copen isn't a car you see driving around every day - did you find it harder to chop than more common cars?


2011 - May Chop of the Month

Hello there and please delight yourself with a glass of .. something, because this time you really have some interesting stuff to read (not that the others were boring, were they??).

Winner DragRace 111

Here at PS-G we want to put your chops and your name in the spotlights! You might have read the feature on ATC-Design's chop. This is another way to get yourself featured on the mainpage for the world to see.

Enter and win dragraces against other PS-G members!

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