2018 McLaren Senna

2018 McLaren Senna

Remember the P15 codename? Well, here it is, McLaren is presenting us their new hypercar which isn't out to replace the P1 - that's another story, for another time. 

So, what makes it special? In few words, it's an extreme road car, the most extreme car McLaren ever got out and the design sure expresses it. The car is an extension of the 720s' platform an chassis, but with a wider track, huge air intakes and an all-so dramatic rear wing.

Special: Gumball3000 coverage

Special: Gumball3000 coverage
As many of you know, the famous Gumball3000 rally was being held last week, with participants covering 3000 miles between Dublin ( IRL ) and Bucharest ( ROU ), this year the last checkpoing before finish happened in my hometown. 

Managed to skip work for a couple of hours and took some photos, they are not the greatest, place was crowded, very crowded.

McLaren 675LT

McLaren 675LTWith a week before one of the most rich in exclusive realeases Auto Show, yes the Geneva Motor Show, supercar brands announce new vehicles like mushrooms after rain.
Earlier today we wrote about the Aston Martin Vulcan, but now, it's time for McLaren's track day car, which is called the 675LT. It is based on the 650, but with more muscles. 

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTRIt's been a while since we were teased about a radical P1 and McLaren delivered, it's their track-ready P1 GTR. So let's start with the numbers, power output of 1000HP, which is from the both electrical and combustion engines. Turning it into a track-toy, has widened the front track by 80mm and the car sits lower by 50mm. McLaren states that they reduced the overall weight by 50kg, due to motorsport solutions. 
Side windows are made of racing polycarbonate, the glass roof has been replaced by carbon fiber, the same treatment happened to the engine cover.

McLaren P1 GTR

"Best driver's car in the world on track", anyone? At least this is what McLaren aims to do with this model. Unveiled as a concept study at Pebble Beach this weekend, the GTR features a tweaked V8 3.8-liter twin-turbo mid-mounted engine and the electric motor and managed to bump output of the hybrid system from 916 PS (674 kW) to 1,000 PS (736 kW).

The car has also been aerodynamic adjusted, with a fixed ride height, front splitter and carbon canards, redesigned skirts and carbon spoiler - with hydraulic DRS.

The Race - McLaren P1 vs Bugatti Veyron Vitesse

The Race
The ways of Photoshop are limitless, combine that with imagination and creativity and you can expect great results.
Ever since I saw this picture, I knew I had to make it more dynamic, angle was right, position and background as well.
Veyron needed a lower stance, bigger wheels and a more popping color. The McLaren had everything, enhanced the rear with a backfire and custom plates for both the cars, because details matter - how about a "lowered" window for the Bugatti?
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