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2012 Ferrari California gets upgrades

Ferrari California will get upgrades in this year, both on performance and body sections.

4.3-litre V8 engine will be given another 30 hp to the standard 490 hp. The ECU has been optimised and it has been gives completly new exhaust manifolds, so the power is evenly supplied through the whole rev range and this will make this cabrio-crusier more daily useable for the normal drivers.


2012 - Ferrari 458 Italia Spider concept render

It's been a few days ago since some rumors were spread that Ferrari is working on the drop-top 458 and it will likely feature a folding hard-top.


This won’t be the first Ferrari to adopt a retracting hard-top, since this feature has been available on the current California model for a couple of years now. A 180-degree rotating roof was also offered on the 575 Super America model, which had a special glass roof.

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