Team Project: Porsche Mission E

In a late evening chat between the team members, we had a spark of idea, "we should do a team "chop", just like the good old days. The seed has been planted and so we searched for a subject, we all agreed on Mission E, as it had the classic Porsche lines, but with a twist. We loved the buldgy fenders and the low waist line, but it was a 4-door coupe, so that had to go away.

Team Project: Porsche Mission E

2016 Faraday Future FFZERO1

With the 2016 CES event happening in Las Vegas, we get to see some incredible things from some of the brightest people. This year, an electric racecar like none other was unveiled and it is absolutely incredible. It's called Faraday Future FFZERO1 and it is "more than a concept car - it is a car of concepts." The FFZERO1 is a electric racecar capable of generating over 1,000 hp and that doesn't even scratch the surface of how amazing this car really is.


Faraday Future FFZERO1


MINI Superleggera Vision

MINI Superleggera Vision
Due to the Concours d'Elegance in Villa d'Este, in Italy, being patroned by BMW Group, it's obvious they worked on something special, this time is a collaboration between BMW and the italians at Touring Superleggera. They came up with a Vision concept, called MINI Superleggera Vision - which is a two seater roadster - set to express "the most minimalist and emotional style of motoring."

Spark-Renault Formula E

It all starts from a Dallara-designed monocoque chassis that is constructed out of carbon fiber and aluminum. Spark industry is set to develop a car, in collaboration with Renault, which will debut on 10th of September at IAA Frankfurt. The car features a distinct design and unique Michelin tires which are said to last the entire race.

The power comes from McLaren which features an electric powertrain that can develop up to 270 bhp, but will be limited at 180 bhp during races. Drivers can use a 'Push-to-Pass' system which temporary allows the car to boost to full potential. 

2014 BMW i3

Ladies and gents, here is the very first Premium full electric vehicle, BMW i3. Thanks to the dutch website autoblog.nl, we can now see the final, production photos. They are still leaked, but it's official!

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