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2011 - December Chop of the Month

First, Happy New Year choppers! I can't believe that I actually write the last CoM entry for 2011. It was just a while ago since we started awarding the best choppers and it seems that the monthly wrap-up is popular.
So, here we go! Although December is considered a short work month, with all the Holidays time and lack of mood of chopping, our users really impressed us with some quality works.

I won't bore you with jibberish, instead I'll let you and the features alone!

Streets Chopper - NTO


2012 Subaru BRZ - PS-G Exclusive

New Year's Eve is literally knocking on our door, so we decided to give 2011 a one last blow, with this ultra-hyped Subaru model, the BRZ.

Recently, George, was added to our Exclusive team and we thought he should make his debut in style.
With no more jibberish, have a look at his stanced version of the BRZ.

Expect more artworks like these in 2012.

-Dan B.


2011 - October Chop of the Month

Hey there, it's time for our coverage about the best chopper in each cathegory. This time however, we only had activity in Streets and CarShow, with polls ending in a tie for the latter cathegory. So, we decided we need to feature both winners. 
As many of you already read the rules, we have a deadline regarding replying the feature questions, if members don't reply in the given time, the feature goes to the next member with most votes.

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