PS-Garage Wheel Design GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

We are starting a new series of content which highlights what we do on a regular basis, showcasing in-house wheel designs and to paint the whole picture, they will be photoshopped on world's best cars.

So, we're going to start with this Edition 1 - AMG C63S Coupe by Mercedes-Benz and the star here is the PSG GT01 rim, a 2-piece design, finished in matte bronze.

BMW i8 on ADV.1 Wheels

BMW i8 on ADV.1 Wheels
Been a while since we posted something like this. Every once in a while we work our charm on super and outstanding looking cars, and in my opinion, BMW i8 is no exception.

What I did here was a short interpretation of what would a Sports Line would look on the i8. Due to the fact that BMW made design lines available for most of their Series, maybe the i sub-brand will get the same treatment.

Outside lines weren't touched, I just opted for a darker color and used red accents, instead of the blue ones, highly "i" representative.

2014 Range Rover Sport RS

After months of inactivity on the speculative scene, we're back! There's plenty of cars and models to speculate, but our artist, Nik Pakiz, chose to give this rather interesting car a go.

There has been some rumors and spy shots of an even hotter version of the recent released Range Rover Sport, which will probably be powered by the supercharged 5.0 L V8 unit we find on the XKR-S, XFR-S and XJR.

The render features a different front bumper, with lower air inlets, new, redesigned side vents, which  help the engine breathe easier.

We could probably see the car in showrooms, next year.

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