BMW M6 Coupe F13 by G-Power

G-Power has developed another power boost kit for BMW M6 Coupe F13.

Upgraded power kit consist of remapped ECU and 12 kg lighter titanium exhaust system. Thanks to these upgrades, the car now has output of 710 HP and 890 Nm of torque, which enables it to do 0-200 km/h in 10.8 s.

The upgraded power kit can be yours for little less than 18,000 €,  and for another 25,000 € you can also give your car 21-inch HURRICANE forged alloys wrapped in Michelin tires, height-adjustable coilovers and 420 mm ceramic discs.

2014 BMW M4 Coupe

One of the most anticipated launch is the new M model, which wears a new moniker, that's M4 - which represents the new 4-Series flagship.

Bound to be released sometime in the winter, BMW has prepared the concept launch at Pebble Beach a few days ago.

2014 BMW i3

Ladies and gents, here is the very first Premium full electric vehicle, BMW i3. Thanks to the dutch website, we can now see the final, production photos. They are still leaked, but it's official!

2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe M Performance

Recently revealed during an event in Lisbon, Portugal, the 4 Series Coupe wearing the M Performance kit, is hot!

It covers performance parts as well, as a matter of fact, car is on LSD, not the psychedelic drug, but the car has been finally fitted with a Limited Slip Differential. The LSD will be a clutch type unit and feature a 30% lockup. LSD may be offered for other models eventually, depending on how well it sells for the 4 Series.

BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept

The concept is 4350mm long, 1833mm wide and 1576mm tall, with a wheelbase spanning at 2670mm. It's a plug-in hybrid making use of a 1.5-liter transversely-mounted gasoline engine driving the front wheels. It works together with an in-house electric motor and a lithium-ion high-performance battery which enables the vehicle to have an average fuel consumption of only 2.5 liters / 100 km (94 mpg US or 113 mpg UK) and CO2 emissions of less than 60 g/km. The vehicle has a total power output of 190 HP (140 kW).

BMW 5-Series by JMS

Described as a "light package", the kit consists in a lip kitm which can be glued at home which can be equipped with a set of 20-inch MB Design KV1 wheels.

Optional you can buy a KW coilover suspension which drops the front with 55mm and the rear with 45mm.

Customers can also order sports exhaust systems, optimized ECUs and a "speedpedal" that adjusts the characteristics of the throttle response.

2014 BMW 4-Series Cabrio Speculative Render

2014 BMW 4-Series Cabrio Speculative Render
We don't know about you, but after the 4-Series Coupe unveal, we can't wait to see the cabrio version, which we speculated, based on the Coupe.

The 4-Series Cabrio is set to be unveiled later this fall, somewhere in November and it's expected to share the same platform like the Coupe and most likely will feature a hardtop.

2014 BMW 4-Series Coupe

BMW has officially announced the new 4-Series Coupe, based on it's sedan sibling, this one has a 2 inch longer wheelbase than it's predecessor. 

While it looks similar with the Sedan version, this one has redesigned bumpers, slimmer headlights and the tail lights have the same shape as the 4-Series Concept.

BMW takes the individualization even further, adding 3 personalization lines to those that aren't happy with the standard.

2014 BMW X5

After 7 years of SAV reign, the E70, is finally stepping down and making room for an instantly recognizable, evolutionary designed F15 X5. Keeping a close design to the previous model, the F15 has a more proeminent 3D grille with wide slats, larger headlights, which are now united with the grille ( a characteristic design detail on the latest models ), optional adaptive LED headlights and an aerodynamic front bumper.  Other touches include rear "Aero Blades" and new "Air Curtains" that promise to reduce drag by routing air around the wheel arches.


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