PS-Garage Wheel Design GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

We are starting a new series of content which highlights what we do on a regular basis, showcasing in-house wheel designs and to paint the whole picture, they will be photoshopped on world's best cars.

So, we're going to start with this Edition 1 - AMG C63S Coupe by Mercedes-Benz and the star here is the PSG GT01 rim, a 2-piece design, finished in matte bronze.

2015 ML24 Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 Wide Body Kit

Our partners over at ML24 released a concept drawing of a potential new bodykit. This time, its for the 2012-2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK X204. Shown in both matte metallic gunmetal wrap and bright, highlighter wrap colours (homage to Mercedes' very own 4x4 AMG G-wagens), the ML24 GLK concept is completely off-road and adventure-based.

2015 ML24 Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 Wide Body Kit

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3FIA GT3 welcomes a new contender, the GT3 from Mercedes Benz, based on their latest GT model. The recipe contains all the goodies you would expect from a GT racer, a wide carbon fiber bodykit, with all sorts of air vents and sophisticated ventilation systems. New doors took shelter, a pure race bred rear diffuser and the predominant GT wing.
Inside is all race, with a carbon fiber seat, racing steering wheel and switches and a steel roll cage and all sorts of carbon fiber trim.

2015 Mercedes Benz AMG C63

2015 Mercedes Benz AMG C63
Earlier this week, Mercedes has just announced their new sports saloon, C63. You probably noticed we used AMG C63 in the title, that's because Benz decided to kill the previous nomenclature.

"We are marking the beginning of a new era with the new nomenclature. The successor to the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, which has been incredibly successful worldwide, will now be called the Mercedes-AMG C63" says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG by GAD Motors

If you think 360HP isn't enough from the 2.0L turbo, found in the A45 AMG, then read along, as we have some good news.

GAD Motors, has tweaked the unit up to 430HP and 550Nm of torque, by just playing with the ECU, there's still room for improvement, that's what they said. So Stage 1 has been set, we're sure they will come in with goodies. The car is acapable to sprint to 100km.h in 4.1s, comparing the 4.6s it does standard.

Aside from the power increase, the tuner also wrapped the car in a minty shade and changed the wheels to a set of OZ Racing Suprforgiata, measuring 19".


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