PS-Garage Wheel Design GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

PS-Garage Wheel Design - GT01

We are starting a new series of content which highlights what we do on a regular basis, showcasing in-house wheel designs and to paint the whole picture, they will be photoshopped on world's best cars.

So, we're going to start with this Edition 1 - AMG C63S Coupe by Mercedes-Benz and the star here is the PSG GT01 rim, a 2-piece design, finished in matte bronze.

Speculative Rendering

Speculative rendering is the method of unwrapping the camouflage graphics off spyshot photos, predicting how the final production vehicle might look like. Consumers are always excited to see what is coming, and speculating rumors combined with our team’s knowledge of automotive concept design, allows us to create considerably accurate, and convincing, proposals and visuals.

3D Design Rendering

Photo-realistic renderings are important visualization tools during design development stages, but are also effective presentation material for marketing and showcasing the end-product. Each rendering is completed with the utmost realism and detail, ensuring highly realistic representation and replication of materials, such as alloys, paint colors, and a wide range of custom finishes.


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